Heritage Training Fund Committee

This committee meets as necessary to review Heritage Training Fund activities, develop standards and offer assistance and information to the HTF Adjudication Committee. The review committee meets on a quarterly basis to review applications and ensure compliance with HTF Committee guidelines.

Joint Marketing Committee

This committee is comprised of YHMA institutional members who have opted into the Joint Marketing program. The committee meets twice a year and is intended as a forum to provide affordable, effective promotion for members, to disseminate best marketing practices and relevant information and encourage cross-promotion and collaboration among members.

Awards Committee

This committee convenes annually to accept and review nominations for the YHMA Heritage Awards.

Advocacy Committee 

This committee is the Board as a whole and discusses heritage issues as an agenda item during the monthly meeting.

Membership Committee

This committee meets as necessary to review YHMA membership, recommend membership structure revisions, and develop membership recruitment strategies.

Newsletter Committee

This committee helps produce the quarterly YHMA newsletter.

Conference Committee

A Conference committee is struck as necessary to organize YHMA’s occasional conferences and symposiums.