Old Log Church Museum

Built in 1900, the Old Log Church and Rectory are among the oldest buildings in Whitehorse. Today, the church's exhibits and interactive displays tell stories about the early days of missionaries, whalers, explorers and Yukon First Nations. The impressive collection of artifacts, including a unique collection of Inuvialuit articles from Herschel Island, and numerous historic photographs offer a great way for visitors to learn about the early contact between Europeans and the Yukon's First Nations people. The museum is also the best place to hear about the legendary "Bishop Who Ate His Boots!" The museum gift shop is open daily. It has a good selection of books and locally-made products unique to the museum.


Paper Knife

Letter opener and sheath

Ivory-bladed letter opener with filagree silver hilt, owl foot with feathers and claw forms haft, and ermine fur sheath.

This serving spoon was crafted out of goat horn for a ceremonial potlatch. An elaborate ceremony usually given by a family member of the same moiety (clan) one year after a person's death in order to commemorate the deceased and to thank those from the other moiety that helped with the burial. In the olden days, a guest would have had to bring their own dishes and cutlery to the feast as it was far too time consuming to make and provide cutlery for the guests. Feasting is a big part of the potlatch, a guest was meant to eat as much as possible and it was the only time eating in excess was acceptable.

The spoon was shaped by boiling or steaming the goat horn, this softened the material and made it easier to shape. The two pieces were hand riveted together with copper, a metal that was abundant in the area. Since copper was found in the riverbed, a spoon maker simply had to hammer the mineral into the desired rivet size. Horn material for the spoon was purposefully selected for aesthetic reasons. The contrast of the yellow sheep horn and the dark goat horn was considered a very desirable effect.

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