2020 Annual General Meeting

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Date: Wednesday, August 26, 2020
Time: 7:00 pm
Platform: Zoom (register here - toll-free call in option available for those unable to connect online)

You are invited to join us for our 2020 annual general meeting!

We will begin with a special 20-minute talk and 10-minute Q&A with Inga Petri of Strategic Moves on Web 3.0 (see below for details), followed by an overview of YHMA's activities over the past year and what's in store for the coming year; the presentation of our reviewed 2019-20 financial statements; and the election of our 2020-21 Board of Directors.

There will be a Special Resolution presented during the meeting:

"Be it resolved that the Yukon Historical & Museums Association requests an exemption from the Registrar of Societies to waive the requirement of a financial review by a professional accountant for the fiscal year ending on March 31, 2021."

We will also be seeking approval for our proposed 2020-21 budget from the membership, in accordance with our Financial Management policy.

All are welcome to attend, but registration is required. Please note this meeting will be recorded.

Only members in good standing are eligible to vote and stand for election. If you would like to renew or purchase a membership, you can visit our membership page to do so in advance. Memberships can now be purchased online!

Download AGM Document Package

Download 2019-20 Annual Report

Interested in becoming a Director? Unsure of your membership status? Need help registering or connecting to the meeting? Drop us a line at info@heritageyukon.ca or call us at 867-667-4704. You may also want to check out Zoom's guide to connecting to a meeting, available here. Instructions for connecting specifically by phone can be found here.

Proxy Vote Appointments

If you are a member in good standing and would like to cast a proxy vote, please fill out and return a proxy vote appointment form. You can download the form here or contact us at the coordinates above to make an appointment to pick up a copy at the YHMA office. All proxy vote appointment forms must be received at the YHMA office or by email to info@heritageyukon.ca by 4:30 pm on Wednesday, August 26, 2020 for delivery to the Chairperson presiding over the meeting, or delivered directly to the Chairperson presiding over the meeting prior to its commencement. Any member in good standing at the meeting is entitled to present one proxy vote on behalf of another member.

Special Talk

Semantic web: what it is and why it matters
Presenter: Inga Petri (Strategic Moves)

If your website is more than 3 years old, the odds are high that it does not perform adequately on today’s internet. In the past websites were built as a destination. Information architecture and user interface design reigned supreme. You drove traffic to your site and counted visits and visitors. But now, with the rapid move toward the semantic web (web 3.0), discoverability resulting from the inter-connectedness of information, coupled with changes brought by artificial intelligence tools, whether that is Siri and Alexa, chatbots, or answer boxes by Google, websites have to be reconceived and re-deployed to suit your objectives. This concise presentation will introduce you to the semantic web and how to make the best use of web 3.0 capabilities.

Update on Proposed Bylaw Amendments

Please note that due to recent changes in government policy, we will not be presenting proposed by-law amendments to be approved by special resolution at this meeting. We will be studying our options and will call a special general meeting to update the bylaws in the future if required.

The original announcement for this AGM included notice of a Special Resolution to be put forward with regard to propsed bylaw amendments, which can be found here:

"Be it resolved that the Yukon Historical & Museums Association bylaw amendments be accepted as presented."