Announcement Regarding YHMA Walking Tour Program

After significant reflection, the YHMA Board of Directors has passed a motion to discontinue the YHMA’s annual Walking Tour Program.

The Board is committed to fulfilling the organization’s mandate to inspire and share a passion for Yukon heritage by providing opportunities and support for education, networking, advocacy, partnerships and awareness.  While the Walking Tours are recognized an important legacy of the YHMA, after a discussion based in part on the recommendations of our revised Strategic Plan, it was felt that the organization’s resources would be better invested in activities that deliver more direct benefit to our Territory-wide membership. Accordingly, YHMA is working to expand available training and professional development opportunities and is exploring other opportunities to help foster stronger connections between the heritage sector, the public, and other stakeholders, including an overhaul of the YHMA website. YHMA continues to encourage public engagement with the Yukon’s rich and diverse heritage through programs like the Territorial Heritage Fair and Doors Open.

The Board recognized that Whitehorse is fortunate to have several heritage organizations that offer quality programming that share the City’s history with visitors and Yukoners. To help enhance this programming and build upon the success of the Walking Tours, YHMA is prepared to offer advice and information on the development and delivery of the Tours to any of our institutional members who are interested in providing a similar program.

The YHMA publication, Exploring Old Whitehorse: Three Walking Tours of the Yukon Capital remains available for purchase, and free walking tour podcasts and accompanying maps are available for download on our website,