Roberts House

Building Location: 
3143 Third Avenue
Whitehorse, YT
Location Context: 

It is believed, but not verified, that pan abode houses also sat across the street from this house and its twin house next door. Refer to the Earle House; Taylor & Drury Employees Residence, an identical pan abode structure located on the same property


One-storey Pan Abode House

Architectural History: 

This is a wood prefabricated house of pan abode construction with a gabled roof and basement accessed by exterior stair. It has an exterior stucco finish and asphalt shingle roofing.

Cultural History: 

This pan abode house is one of many prefabricated dwellings that were shipped to the Yukon in numbered pieces and assembled on various sites. It uses a log-style construction of interlocking wood, but has the appearance of a framed house. In Whitehorse, these buildings proliferated in the 1940's and 1950's, particularly among company housing provided. Taylor and Drury erected several pan abode houses in town for use by their many employees.