Federal Election 2019: Advocating for Canada'a Museums

As the 2019 federal election approaches, the national, provincial, and territorial museums associations are working together on advocacy efforts in support of our members and the museum community at-large. This week, we sent joint letters to the federal political party leaders, highlighting the importance of investing in museums and seeking the parties' positions on critical questions for the museum sector. Click the links below to read our joint letters and news release:

Critical Questions for the Museum Sector

In our open letters to party leaders, we asked:

  • What are your views on the importance and role of museums?
  • If elected, how will you respond to the key recommendations noted in our news release and infographic, in particular, the critical need to review and modernize the National Museum Policy and the need for simplification of funding processes?

Their responses will be shared on our website, over Facebook and Twitter, and in our e-bulletin.

Voting Information

Election Day is Monday, October 21, and Advance Polls are October 11-14. Voting information can be found at www.elections.ca/.