Donating Artefacts

The YHMA has a very small collection of artefacts and we do not currently accept donated artefacts. Visit our About Us page if you would like to learn more about our vision, mission, and values.

However, if you have an artefact that you would like to donate to a Yukon museum or heritage institution, we would be happy to connect you with the staff at those institutions or suggest a site to speak with! Contact us to learn more.

Please, do NOT drop off or mail donations. Speak to us first!

Each heritage organization in the Yukon has its own acquisition procedures, and only accept artifacts that fit their mandate and are discussed beforehand. Heritage organizations must follow these processes as accepting an artifact is implying care for as long as possible using the limited resources and space of the organization.

Among many other reasons for these processes, holding artifacts without proof of ownership can be legally troublesome for museums, archives, and other collecting insitutions for years to come. We encourage you to work with these museums and heritage organizations during the donation process to ensure that Yukon heritage is kept safe and can be shared.