Herschel Island – Qikiqtaruk Territorial Park

Photo credit: Jake Paleczny

Qikiqtaruk, “our island,” was protected for its cultural importance to the Inuvialuit and its ecological importance to the Beaufort Sea. The 116 km2 park was established through the Inuvialuit Final Agreement in 1987, making it Yukon’s first territorial park. Visitors come to experience the arctic tundra and marine environments, explore the historic whaling settlement, and learn about the layers of human history of the island. Inuvialuit Park Rangers welcome visitors and share stories through the lens of their ancient and enduring culture. Inuvialuit also use the island for fishing and hunting throughout the year, while staff and researchers study and monitor changes in the island’s wildlife, geomorphology, cultural resources and climate.

To visit Yukon’s only marine island, you can charter a boat or plane from Inuvik, NWT.


5 km off Yukon’s North coast



From mid-June to mid-September, you can access the park by chartering a boat or aircraft. 


(867) 777-4058


(867) 393-6223



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