Buildings by Decade

This information is adapted from the Whitehorse Heritage Buildings Register compiled by Tony Zedda and Glenda Koh. The following list is grouped by decade.

1891 to 1900

Farley House
Hubbard & Elliott General Store
Old Log Church
Pioneer Cemetery
Pioneer Hotel
Sam McGee’s Cabin
The Telegraph Office

1901 to 1910

Burns Building
Cane House
Captain Campbell House
Chantler House
Chinery House
Cyr House
Donnenworth House
Elliott House
Garside House
Grant House
Harvey House
Homer House
Ike Taylor House
Klondike Airways Building
Mast House
McKinnon House
McPherson House
O’Connor House
Old Firehall
Old Log Rectory
Red (Roy) Piercy Cabin
Reddick House
Ryder House
Scott House
Sewell House
Smith House
Taylor & Drury Building
The W.S. Drury House
The White Pass & Yukon Route Railway Depot
Tung Lock Restaurant

1911 to 1920

Captain Coghlan House
Captain Martin House
Greenough House
Krautschneider House
The Watson/Huebschwerlen House
The Whitney Black Silver Fox Farm

1921 to 1930

Chambers House
Earle House
Eldon House
Langholtz Cabin & Fox Pens
Palmer House
Whitehorse Inn

1931 to 1940

Berrigan Cabins
Drury House
Mah Bing Cabin
Rosenburg House
S.S. Klondike II
Taylor House
The Widdershin House

1941 to 1950

98 Hotel
Blaker House
C.P. Air Pan Abodes
Firth House
Hangar C
Log Skyscrapers
Miller House
Old Legion Hall
Roberts House
S & A Club Cafe
T.C. Richards Building
Taylor & Drury Employee Residence
The Yukon Theatre