Cane House

Building Location: 

103 Elliott Street

Whitehorse, YT

Location Context: 

At 105 Elliott Street stood a two-storey frame residence also constructed for Dr. Cane. As the postmaster’s former residences, they were located near the site once occupied by the federal post office at Elliott Street and First Avenue. Also located nearby across the lane are the Berrigan Cabins and Mah Bing Cabin


One-storey Log Structure with Stucco Finish

Architectural History: 

The original building was a one-storey log structure with log sill foundation. It also had a frame hip roof, stucco exterior wall finish and asphalt roof shingles. 

Additions to the building included a frame structure to front and rear as well as the removal of the original exterior log wall in order to facilitate the connection of the front frame addition.

Cultural History: 

The construction date of this house has not been verified, but it is believed to date from before 1910, when the land title indicates the lot was owned by the local postmaster, Dr. Frederick Cane. According to long-time Whitehorse residents, this house was the first in town to have a front lawn. The building has had commercial space built up around it, and it is now faced on two sides by frame additions. It has been used for commercial purposes since the early 1940’s, and has had a variety of tenants ranging from lawyers to realtors. It’s last use was as the home of Yukon Office Supplies. 

Next door at 105 Elliott Street, stood a two-storey frame residence, also titled to Dr. F.W. Cane and constructed for him in 1902. Many pioneers referred to this house as the Grey House because of long time residents Mr. and Mrs. Fred Grey. The house had original hardwood floors, a winding staircase leading to the second storey sewing room and bedrooms, a built-in buffet and French doors leading to the parlour. It was demolished in 1979, and the lot now remains empty.