Chantler House

Building Location: 

204 Hawkins Street

Whitehorse, YT

Location Context: 

Hawkins Street represented the outer limit of Whitehorse’s boundaries, south of which there were only trees until the influx of residents in 1942. The demolition of this house is typical of a movement towards commercial development in the neighbourhood. Refer to the Reddick House.


One-storey Log Dwelling

Architectural History: 

The log house had a T-shaped plan and metal hip roof throughout except for a gable roof over the bay window in the front facade. 

The frame addition to east façade had ship lap siding. A rear addition, extending to the alley, was removed in 1973.

Cultural History: 

This house was built in 1909 by William Chantler, a carpenter. Captain P. Martin owned the house for a number of years, renting it out to various tenants. The Martins eventually moved into the house in the mid-1930’s, leaving their house on Wood Street. By the time Jessie Marshall owned the house in 1972, the house consisted of 21 rooms, and had been used as a boarding house. Ms. Marshall had the rear sections removed. 

The house was sold to John Scott in 1979, and was demolished overnight in 1989. The lot remains vacant.

Biographical Information: 

William Chantler: carpenter and builder of log house. 

R.C. Miller: mining recorder who worked above the old post office 

Dr. A. P. Hawes: veterinarian for the White Pass mail service. Also ran office and pet clinic from the house. 

John Henderson Scott: fuel agent and insurance agent. 

Eric Richards: dry-goods clerk for Taylor & Drury. 

Geoffrey Bidlake: purser on the steamers for White Pass. 

Jim Beggs: customs officer. 

Captain P. Martin: owned/operated Arctic Trading Co. and owned house for long period of time. 

Jessie Marshall: operated café on Main St. and 4th Ave. (T & M site); operated both the Hub Café and a café located within the White Pass Hotel.