Grant House

Building Location: 

207 Hanson Street

Whitehorse, YT

Location Context: 

This house is likely the oldest residence remaining in an area which at the time of construction defined the outer limits of Whitehorse. Refer to the Drury House


1-1/2 Storey Frame Residence

Architectural History: 

The structure is 1-1/2 storey frame house with a gable roof and a floor plan of 20′ by 20′. The siding is false brick asphalt. 

In 1970 the rear porch with the shed roof and concrete block basement were added. The glassed front porch and rear room were added in 1953.

Cultural History: 

This house was one of two identical houses, which were built on a single lot. The second house burned down in 1910, although its charred remains were left standing until 1930. It is believed that the first house was occupied by the McPherson family prior to the fire, after which they moved into the McPherson house on Strickland.

The rear addition appears to date close to the original building date. The porches and basement were added sometime after 1953. The porch was modelled after the MacBride house, and the character of the building was retained by using old windows which had been stored at Whitehorse Motors. Plumbing was installed in 1958. 

The house is now the residence of Cora Grant, where she casually operates an antique store.

Biographical Information: 

George Armstrong: accounting clerk and original owner of property. 

William Woodney: purchased house in 1903 -was an owner of the Grafter Claim. 

Hugh Hamilton: Irish miner who died tragically in 1907 when he fell from a cliff at Pooley Canyon. 

Fred Vey and family: occupied house in 1920’s-1930’s. Originally from Newfoundland, Mr. Vey worked as a steamship employee and machinist and was mechanical expert for the O.F. Kastner Royal Mail Service. 

Gladis and Hugh Grant: came from Saskatchewan: living for a period in Carcross; worked at Indian Residential school where Hugh was Arch Deacon. Came to Whitehorse in 1948 and purchased house at 207 Hanson Street. Moe and Cora Grant: Married in 1953, moved to Whitehorse, purchased the house from Moe’s parents. Moe Grant was employed by Customs & Immigration.