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Building Location: 

104 Jarvis Street

Whitehorse, YT

Location Context: 

Refer to the Palmer House; the Blaker House; the S&A Club Café


One-storey Frame House

Architectural History: 

This structure is a wood frame house with a gable roof and shed entry at the front. It is set on a wood sill foundation and has roll asphalt roofing. It has a variety of exterior wood finishes, including drop siding and plywood. 

There are frame additions to the north and west sections of original building. Also there is an addition of a frame garage to the west section.

Cultural History: 

Tax records indicate that this building existed prior to 1930, when taxes were in arrears. J. Rose and W. Puckett purchased the lot in a 1936 tax sale, adding it to their long list of properties in Whitehorse. 

The building was used primarily as a residence, although it had various tenants throughout its history, including Mrs. Annette Mansell, proprietor of Annette Ladies Wear Company. By 1946, the building had reverted to residential use.