McKinnon House

Building Location: 

509 Wood Street

Whitehorse, YT

Location Context: 

The house sits in a neighbourhood which has several well-maintained and intact houses constructed in the early part of this century. The 400 and 500 blocks of Wood Street are historically significant streetscapes due to the coherence and concentration of heritage structures. Refer to the Chinery House; the Cyr House; and the Harvey House


1-1/2 Storey Frame and Log Residence

Architectural History: 

It was originally a log cabin with several gabled roofs and ship lap siding. It also included a glassed front porch and a fireplace faced with copper ore tailings taken from Pueblo Mine. 

Two large framed rooms to the rear were built by Archie and Cam. It also had the “First bathroom in Whitehorse” in 1950. A new concrete foundation was also added.

Cultural History: 

This home was originally a log cabin when it was first built in 1901 by Angus D. McKinnon. A tent shack was added to the back, which was later framed in. The house has undergone several renovations including the addition of “Whitehorse’s first bathroom.” 

The house was sold to the Puckett family in 1908, and was thereafter commonly known as the Puckett House. It was considered somewhat of a show house where tourists and visitors would come to admire the lavish garden. 

During Nettie Morrison’s ownership, the house operated as a boarding house for single working women.

Biographical Information: 

Angus D. McKinnon: arrived from Prince Edward Island, remaining in Whitehorse until 1910; he staked the “Best Chance” copper claim in 1899; owner/operator of A.D. McKinnon & Co., which sold logs for building and for dry wood. Miner, prospector, businessman, and blacksmith. 

William Puckett: staked the “Anaconda” copper claim in 1898, one of the first in the Whitehorse copper belt. By 1905, both William and Anna opened and owned four roadhouses. They lived in Tahkeena (Takhini) before moving to Whitehorse and operating the Unsworth Hardware Store on Front Street. 

Anna Puckett: a widow, she moved to Whitehorse from Louisville, Kentucky in 1900 with her three children: Deyo, Archie, and Cam. Anna opened a fruit and confectionery store on Main Street. Willaim and Anna opened and operated several roadhouses on the overland trail to Dawson, including the development of the Takhini Hot Springs.