Old Legion Hall

Building Location: 

203 Strickland Street

Whitehorse, YT

Location Context: 

Building was located adjacent to Krautschneider House. Refer to the Widdershin House


Two-storey Log Building

Architectural History: 

Three sides of the structure were log walls with the fourth extended by a frame section. It had a gable roof and a frame shed dormer. The approximate size was 66′ by 33′. 

In 1963 there was a new addition. The building also underwent frequent renovations.

Cultural History: 

This building was constructed by Neil Forbes during World War II. Forbes owned a sawmill at Haekel Hill and was on contract to the US Army. This building was originally attached on one side to the newer section of the legion hall, known as the “Black Sheep”. The building was demolished early in 1994. The remaining building and additions have been converted into a fitness club. 

According to L. Cyr, the original legion hall was constructed on the site of the present day city hall. Prior to its original location, meetings were held at the old library which was located at the corner of Second Avenue and Elliot Street.