Reddick House

Building Location: 

210 Hawkins Street

Whitehorse, YT

Location Context: 

This street represents the southern limit of the inhabited area of Whitehorse prior to 1942. This house sits alongside its contemporary, the Scott House and close to the site of the now-demolished Chantler House


One-storey Frame Building

Architectural History: 

The original log structure had gable and shed roofs and a L-shaped floor plan. Asphalt shingles covered the roof and the exterior is covered by aluminium siding. 

There are wood frame additions to both the west and north sides of building.

Cultural History: 

The 1908 bill of sale indicates that there was a log house 14’X21′ located on this lot. It is likely that the first private owner of the lot, Robert Reddick, a boat builder, converted it into a larger residence using framed additions. 

“Reddick’s Boat Building: This was a one-man boat building company on the banks of the Yukon River opposite the Regina hotel. For many years Bob Reddick sold rowboats for about $25 to people travelling downstream to Dawson, a cheaper alternative to an expensive sternwheeler fare.” (from Edge of the River Heart of the City p. 27)