Smith House

Building Location: 

3128 Third Avenue (Lepage Park)

Whitehorse, YT Y1A1E7

Location Context: 

This house occupies the same original lot as the Donnenworth House, which was also renovated and preserved. They both sit in a park named in honour of the Lepage family.


One-storey Frame Building

Architectural History: 

This wood frame structure has gable roofs constructed over a period of time. Galvanized steel roof decking and ship lap siding are also part of the building.

The building had an extensive interior and exterior renovation in 1983, which added a new pressure treated wood foundation and basement along with the removal of shed roof structure attached to west side. Repair of the exterior siding, windows and trims were also part of the reconstruction.

Cultural History: 

The Smith house was named after Jack Smith, the original purchaser of the lot. It is presumed that he built the house (although he never finished paying for it), but there is photographic evidence suggesting the house may have been moved from White Pass land outside the townsite. In 1905, the year of its appearance on this lot, the house consisted of two sections which were joined at a later date. Smith stayed only two years in the Yukon. “Billy” Shaw purchased the house in 1906. Shaw worked for BYN Co. as a port steward, a position he held for roughly twenty years. In 1907, Shaw further divided the half lot in two, selling the house and 1/4 lot to William L. Lawton and his family. Lawton worked as a stable man for White Pass, eventually becoming stable foreman.

In 1909, the house was sold to A.P. Hawes, a veterinarian for White Pass and inspector for the Department of Agriculture. In 1923, White Pass stopped using horses on the stage route to Dawson: Hawes remained without a job and left the Yukon shortly thereafter. John E. French, a carpenter and undertaker, owned the house until 1941. The house changed hands numerous times after 1941 until it was purchased and refurbished by the City of Whitehorse in 1984.

Current Use: Office
Past Use: Residence
Condition: Good
Foundation/Floor: Good
Walls: Good
Windows/Doors: Good
Roof: Good