The W.S. Drury House

Building Location: 

KM 139.4 S. Klondike Hwy Near Bear Creek

Whitehorse, YT N/A

Location Context: 

The move from the house’s original Main Street location to its present location typifies the move of several residential buildings from the downtown area to make way for new development. White Pass owned several houses in this block which were rented out to its employees and subsequently moved. Refer to the Watson House; the Taylor House; and the Farley House.


One-storey Frame House

Architectural History: 

This single storey frame house has a gabled roof, a glassed front porch of log construction and bevelled wood siding. A hip roof is covered by asphalt shingles. The living area has an ornate oak fireplace mantle. All the original windows have been retained.

The sun porch was reconstructed in 1970. The roof has been enlarged and the interior renovated. The structure has a new foundation.

Cultural History: 

This house was built sometime before 1904 by Mr. Fred McLennan at Fourth and Main where the Royal Bank now sits. McLennan came to Whitehorse from Bennett in 1900, built two frame houses and opened a hardware store within ten days of his arrival. McLennan’s daughter resided in the house from 1920 to 1923 with her husband Dr. A.P. Hawes, a veterinarian for the White Pass mail service who also operated a local clinic. In 1923, W.S. Drury, of Taylor and Drury fame, purchased the house. In 1959, White Pass purchased the house and rented it out to its employees.

The house was moved to the Carcross Road by Chuck Morgan for Opal Greenlaw in 1970. Greenlaw renovated the roof, interior, and sun porch. She resided there until her death in 1995. New owners have recently purchased the house.

The Watson House, formerly located at 404 Main Street was also relocated to a site on the Carcross Road, adjacent to the site now occupied by the Greenlaw House.

Biographical Information: 

W. S. Drury: originally from Lincolnshire, via Whitby, Ontario. Drury and Isaac “Ike” Taylor opened the first of eighteen Taylor & Drury stores, which operated throughout the Yukon for the duration of their 75-year partnership.

Current Use: Residence
Past Use: Residence/office
Condition: Good
Foundation/Floor: Good
Walls: Good
Windows/Doors: Good
Roof: Good