The Watson/Huebschwerlen House

Building Location: 

km 139.4 S. Klondike Hwy (Near Bear Creek)

Whitehorse, YT N/A

Location Context: 

Refer to the Farley House; the Taylor House; and the W.S. Drury House, which is located on the adjacent lot to the north. Both these houses were located adjacent to each other at 402 and 404 Main Street prior to their relocation on the Carcross Road.


One-storey Frame Residence

Architectural History: 

This wood frame structure has a cedar shingled hip roof and a wood sill foundation. Bevelled wood siding is on the original section of the building. It also has an enclosed porch.

The frame entry foyer was added to the rear section of the residence.

Cultural History: 

This house originally occupied a site at 404 Main Street. It was moved in 1969-70 by Ted Devert to its current location at Bear Creek on the Carcross Road. It was built by W.S. Watson, who was employed by White Pass as the head storekeeper for boat supplies. Fraser Watson, the eldest son, worked in the customs department and lived in the house during World War II. During this period, F. Watson tunnelled underneath the Drury house next door and tapped into the newly installed water and sewer system supplied by the U.S. Army. This self-directed plumbing went unnoticed.

Longtime Member of Parliament for the Yukon, Eric Nielson and his law partner George Van Roggen lived in the house for a two year period in 1952. Their office was located nearby.

In 1957, Eric Wienecke purchased the house, converting it into an office. He established Yukon Coach Lines, Yukon Travel, and the first Mercedes- Benz dealership.

Current Use: Residence
Past Use: Residence/office
Condition: Fair
Foundation/Floor: Fair
Walls: Fair
Windows/Doors: Fair
Roof: Fair