The Widdershin House

Building Location: 

2151 Second Avenue

Whitehorse, YT Y1A1C6

Location Context: 

Located at Second Avenue and Strickland Street near the McPherson House, the Krautschneider House and the Old Legion Hall.


One-storey Log Structure

Architectural History: 

The building is a 1-1/2 storey log structure with a hip roof. The east wall is stucco sided and the interior is fully drywalled. Asphalt shingles cover the roof.

There has been the addition of a basement and a new foundation. Renovations of the interior include the removal of the loft area.

Cultural History: 

This house was built in 1938 by Jack Acheson, a prospector in Atlin and Mayo, although the lot was not titled until 1943.

The house was originally located at 409 Strickland where it served as a residence. The upper part of the house at one point served as a loft, but the building was further renovated and the loft was removed.

In 1978, the house was moved to its present location and set on a full foundation with basement. It now serves as a brewery and pub. The exact date that the moose took up residence on the roof is not known.

Current Use: Commercial
Past Use: Residence
Condition: Good
Foundation/Floor: Good
Walls: Good
Windows/Doors: Good
Roof: Good