Tung Lock Restaurant

Building Location: 

404 Wood Street

Whitehorse, YT Y1A2E8

Location Context: 

This building sits in an area with a high density of historically significant buildings dating from the early part of the century. This is also an area with high potential for commercial development. At the time of this entry, most of this block was owned by the Ryder family.


Two-storey Frame Building

Architectural History: 

Originally, it was a one-storey wood frame structure with a gable roof. The exterior has a stucco finish. Later, a two-storey frame addition to the Wood Street façade was added. There have been extensive interior and exterior alterations including additions between 1962 and 1966.

Cultural History: 

This building was most likely built sometime soon after 1907 by William Shaw. It was subsequently owned by prominent figures in Whitehorse: among them, the Richards family, well known for their own lavish and inviting house on Steele Street, and for their various business interests.

The building has undergone many renovations. Embedded within the various additions there is an original frame structure. The building was converted into a restaurant between 1962-1966; its most recent incarnations are the Tung Lock Restaurant, followed by Sakura Sushi.

Current Use: Commercial / restaurant
Past Use: Residence
Condition: Good
Foundation/Floor: Good
Walls: Good
Windows/Doors: Good
Roof: Fair