YHMA offers a variety of programs and services that support a learning environment for history and culture and the development of skills and best practices. These initiatives encourage a community of learning and collaboration among those who work to protect, conserve and celebrate our rich and diverse heritage.

The Yukon Heritage Training Fund provides Yukon residents the opportunity to increase their skills and knowledge in the heritage sector.

The Yukon/Stikine Regional Heritage Fair annually brings together students in grades 4-9, teachers, parents, and mentors from around the Yukon to showcase quality research and presentations on a range of historical and heritage topics.

YHMA also coordinates training initiatives and forums, such as the semi-annual Yukon Heritage Symposium and periodic Conferences and workshops.

The outstanding contributions of Yukoners to protect, conserve and interpret our rich and diverse heritage is recognized through the Yukon Heritage Awards. The Awards are presented annually in conjunction with a celebration of Heritage Day.