How to Apply

Who is Eligible to Apply?

Individuals, businesses, collectives, and not-for-proft heritage associations or organisations engaged in the work of a heritage sector are eligible to apply.

Individual applicants must be Yukon residents who are Canadian citizens or Landed Immigrants.

Applicants must also be willing/able to contribute at least 10 percent of the total cost of the training.

What Training is Eligible?

Eligible training includes: short, formal courses, workshops, job-shadowing, mentoring, informal apprenticeships and internships, or combinations of these.

Training must relate to a heritage sector, such as: archaeology, paleontology, toponymy, scientific research, oral history, traditional knowledge, conservation, heritage sites, archives, museums and interpretive/cultural centres, both physical and virtual. Training in administration, finance and other areas may be considered so long as it is strictly related to the heritage sector.

Non-Eligible Training

Conference Sessions: HTF will not provide funding to attend conference sessions or any of the costs associated with attending a conference (i.e. hotel and per diem on conference days). Currently, HTF will provide funding to attend the pre- and post-workshops that are sometimes associated with conferences.

Annual General Meetings: HTF will not provide funding to attend an AGM or any of the costs associated with attending an AGM.

Courses leading to a degree or diploma: HTF will provide funding for short courses on a course-by-course basis. It will not fund the entire scope of a degree or diploma.

Preference will be given to those who have not completed the degree or diploma in the subject to which the training is related.

Board development: HTF will not fund applications that pertain to board development. It will consider applications from individual board members to improve their heritage-related skills to aid the organization(s) at which they volunteer.

Equipment and software costs: HTF will not fund the purchase of equipment or software.

Training that is eligible for funding through another source: In some cases, the applicant may be asked for additional clarification on this point.

Other Considerations

Government Employees: Applications from government employees (federal, territorial, First Nation, and municipal) will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. The applicant must provide a letter from his/her supervisor stating that the government will not fund the training opportunity and that there is no other source of funding available to the applicant for the training.

*Please note that applications from those seeking work in the heritage sector and those employed at not-for-profit organizations will be given priority if necessary.

Training outside the Yukon or outside Canada: Training outside the Yukon or outside Canada will not be funded if a comparable option is available locally. All international travel must be approved by both the Adjudication Committee and by representatives from the Yukon Government’s Department of Education, Advanced Education. Applicants must provide a written statement as to why the training cannot be completed at a Canadian institution.

HTF will fund a maximum of two applications per applicant per fiscal year.

A maximum of two applications per institution per training opportunity will be given consideration. Additional applications will be considered based on course and funding availability.

All training must add to the applicant’s knowledge and improve his/her employability in the heritage sector.

All applications must be supported by at least one heritage sector employer. This support must be shown in the form of a formal letter of support from the employer(s) or potential employer(s). A representative from the supporting employer must be available to answer questions by phone from the adjudication committee if any arise.

Preference will be given to applications that benefit more than one person, or organization.

Due to the size of the fund, funding requests of $5000 or less are most likely to be successful. Larger requests may be considered pending availability of funds. Applicants are encouraged to the contact the Fund Administrator in advance to discuss funding availability for larger requests. Successful applicants are not guaranteed approval for the full amount of their funding request.

How to Apply

All applicants must submit:

  • a completed Application Form
  • a detailed description of the training opportunity (if the training is a formal course or workshop please provide the description provided by the school or facilitator.)
  • a detailed budget outlining all costs associated with the training
  • a letter of support from a heritage employer or potential employer.

Applications are reviewed four times per year after quarterly intake deadlines (January 15, April 15, July 15, October 15).

Proposed training projects may not take place prior to the intake deadline after which the application will be reviewed.

Finance and Reporting

Successful applicants will be notified by letter and may request up to 90% of approved funding upon signing the HTF contract.

Approved funding represents the maximum payable amount based on the budget submitted. Final payment will depend on an accurate accounting of the actual costs.

A final report, training evaluation, and financial statement for the project are required in order to receive the balance of funding. A Claim Form will be provided for this purpose.

Applicants are encouraged to write a 300-word article about the training for possible inclusion in the YHMA newsletter and website.

Failure to meet these requirements may result in the applicant reimbursing the HTF for any or all of amounts advanced.

Download Application Form and Information

Please download and review all eligibility criteria prior to completing your application. Application forms are now available in two versions: Individual (for indidual applicants) and Institutional (for all other applicant types).

If you're unable to download or open the files here, contact YHMA for a paper version of the information and application form: at 3126 Third Avenue, Whitehorse, YT Y1A 1E7, or by phoning 867-667-4704.

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