Yukon Heritage Fairs

2019 Yukon/Stikine Regional Heritage Fair

More than 30 students from throughout the Yukon participated in the Yukon Stikine Regional Heritage Fair on May 2, 2019 at Yukon College. Their projects were shared with judges, dignitaries, peers, heritage sector representatives, and the public. The following schools were represented.

  • Del Van Gorder School (DVGS)
  • Elijah Smith Elementary School (ESES)
  • Golden Horn Elementary School (GHES)
  • Jack Hulland Elementary School (SECS)
  • St. Elias Community School (SECS)


Award Winners

Grade 4 Awards

  • 1st Place: Tom Vollmer, "Who were the Crazy Canucks?" (GHES)
  • 2nd Place: Mya Wilson, "Dóomyi Huch'ō? Eyumzi Gertie Úùyi" (ESES)
  • 3rd Place: Hadley Callan, "Canada's Role in the Underground Railroad" (GHES)


Grade 5 Awards

  • 1st Place: Katelyn Hirsch, "Who was Kàsäłaya?" (GHES)
  • 2nd Place: Dawson Widney, "Who was Joe Shuster?" (JHES)
  • 3rd Place: Cameron Bringsli, "The Inventor of Caller Line Identification" (JHES)


Grades 6-7 Awards

  • 1st Place: Owyn Cote, "The Amazing Martha Black" (GHES)
  • 2nd Place: Shai Wykes, "Robert Service" (GHES)
  • 3rd Place: Allie Robertson, "Who was the Queen of the Hurricanes? Elsie MacGill" (GHES)


Special Awards

  • Yukon History Hunter Award (sponsored by Michael Gates): Owyn Cote, "The Amazing Martha Black" (Grade 6, GHES)
  • Oral History Award (sponsored by eNvision Research and Consulting): Mya Wilson, "Dóomyi Huch'ō? Eyumzi Gertie Úùyi" (Grade 4, ESES)
  • Genealogy Award (sponsored by Maggie Leary): Lucy Journeay, "Evelyn Journeay: One Tough Cookie" (Grade 5, JHES)
  • Archives Award (sponsored by Yukon Archives): Hailey Campbell, "My 2 Cousins in WWII as Royal Navy Sailors" (Grade 5, JHES)
  • Best Graphic Design (sponsored by Patricia Halladay): Alia Drummond, "Stitching Together a Great Life" (Grade 6, SECS)
  • Yukon Heritage Award (sponsored by the Government of Yukon, Department of Education): Evan Masters, "The History of Technology in Whitehorse" (Grade 4, ESES)
  • Best Research and Writing Award (sponsored by Midnight Arts): Allie Robertson, "Who was the Queen of Huricanes? Elsie MacGill" (Grade 7, GHES)
  • First Nation History and Culture Award (sponsored by eNvision Research and Consulting): Katelyn Hirsch, "Who was Kàsäłaya?" (Grade 5, GHES)
  • YTM Why and How Award (sponsored by Yukon Transportation Museum): Allie Robertson, "Who was the Queen of Hurricanes? Elsie MacGill" (Grade 7, GHES)


Parks Canada Peoples’ Choice Awards

  • Grade 4: Naomi Nurlin, "Why is Immigration Important in Canada?"(ESES)
  • Grade 5: Lucy Journeay, "Evelyn Journeay: One Tough Cookie" (JHES)
  • Grades 6-7: Alia Drummond, "Stitching Together a Great Life" (SECS)


Congratulations and Thank You!

Congratulations to every student who participated and thank you to our sponsors, funders, and partners: Parks Canada, Yukon College, Yukon Heritage Resources Board, Parks Canada, Government of Yukon, City of Whitehorse, Canada's History, Canada's Heritage Fairs, and Kayak Magazine.


About the Fair

The Yukon Stikine Regional Heritage Fair is held at the beginning of May each year. The Heritage Fairs program is a bilingual educational initiative that encourages students to explore an aspect of Canadian heritage in a dynamic and captivating learning environment. Students use the media of their choice to share their learning about Canadian heroes and legends, milestones and achievements - and then proudly present the results of their research at a public exhibition. Volunteer committees involving educators, heritage groups, and community associations work together to organize these enriching events. The Fairs give students a voice to tell their own stories in their own ways. Their enthusiasm, creativity, and passion make the Fairs a highlight of the school year!



Please contact our Fair Coordinator at heritagefair@heritageyukon.ca or call 867-667-4704.