Heritage Fair - Parents

The Yukon/Stikine Territorial Heritage Fair is held each year at the beginning of May.

In this section, parents can find resources materials to support their child's involvement in the Heritage Fair program.


Heritage Fair Prize/Award Categories

The Yukon/Stikine Regional Heritage Fair offers prizes in a variety of categories. First-, second-, and third-place awards will be given to the judges’ top picks in each grade level category. People’s Choice awards are also given out for projects chosen as a favourite by participants and members of the public who attend the Fair.  

In addition, the Fair offer prizes and recognition for projects in the following categories:


First Nations History, Heritage & Culture: projects related to First Nations history, heritage, and culture

Genealogy: projects related to family stories and histories

Palaeontology or Archaeology: projects related to palaeontology or archaeology topics

YTM Why and How Prize: proejcts exploring the intersection between why a technology was significant to
Yukon transportation and how it worked, how it was invented, or what component of it is in use today - Contact: Janna at the Yukon Transportation Museum - janna@goYTM.ca.


Mindnight Arts Award (Research & Writing): projects that demonstrate exceptional research and writing

Graphic Design: projects that demonstrate exceptional graphic design in their presentation

Presentation: students who demonstrate exceptional knowledge of and enthisiasm for their topic

History Hunter: projects that demonstrate exceptional research and investigation

Oral History: projects that demonstrate exceptional use of oral history

Archives: projects that demonstrate exceptional use and citation of archival resources, both in person and/or online

Occassionally additional topical award categories are created in conjuction with major anniversaries.