Heritage Fair - Students

Project Guidelines: Rules and Criteria

The administration of the Fairs Program is decentralized. While each Fair site is required to follow certain national guidelines, the flexibility of the Fairs model allows each volunteer committee to design its Fair to meet the particular needs of the school, community, region, province, or territory.

The following guidelines apply to every Fair:

  • The Fairs Program emphasizes the importance of the learning process, the exchange of stories, and the value of multiple perspectives.


  • Projects can interpret aspects of Canadian heritage on a local, provincial, national, or international level.


  • All presentations must avoid profanity, racial or sexist remarks, innuendo, negative stereotypes, or any other potentially offensive matter.


  • Although it is recognized that teachers or other adult supervisors might have provided assistance, all submissions must be produced by the student.


  • Any person or organization clearly identifiable in a presentation must have given permission to the presenter.


  • As much as possible, teachers should ensure that projects are historically correct.


  • Heritage Fairs encourages cooperative learning and the development of Group projects at the classroom, school, community, and regional levels.


  • Student participants at the Regional Fair must be able to discuss their work and provide a summary of their project in either French or English.


  • Projects should be ready for display. Those selected for the Regional Fair may not exceed: eighty (80) centimetres in depth, one hundred & fifty (150) centimetres in width, and one hundred (100) centimetres in height.


  •  Students participating in the Regional Fair will be responsible for meeting their own computer software and hardware needs.


  • During the Fairs, projects are the responsibility of the participants. Heritage Fairs is not responsible for any projects lost, stolen or damaged while unattended.


  • Because of space limitations in certain areas, the Fair organizers reserve the right to register participants on a first come/first served basis.