In this section you will find Heritage Fair guidelines and resource materials to help your students create their own Heritage Fair project. Materials for the next Heritage Fair may be downloaded below.


Program Overview

The Heritage Fairs program is a bilingual educational initiative that encourages students to explore an aspect of Canadian heritage in a dynamic and captivating learning environment. Students use the media of their choice to share their learning about Canadian heroes and legends, milestones and achievements - and then proudly present the results of their research at a public exhibition. Volunteer committees involving educators, heritage groups, and community associations work together to organize these enriching events. The Fairs give students a voice to tell their own stories in their own ways. Their enthusiasm, creativity, and passion make the Fairs a highlight of the school year!

Why Participate?

  • The Fairs program helps teachers meet their teaching goals, provides recognition for student achievement, and satisfies curriculum requirements.
  • The creation of a Fairs project requires hands-on learning, which develops research and communication skills.
  • Learning becomes more meaningful when students explore topics that are personally relevant to them. They'll create connections within their families and cultures.
  • Fairs give students the chance to share their own ideas and voices, thereby building student creativity and initiative.
  • Creating a Fairs project will enhance literacy skills. The emphasis on communication skills such as researching, interviewing, writing, editing, and speaking will benefit all students.
  • Participation in a Fair engages citizenship skills. As young people develop stronger roots in their communities, they will have the confidence to become active citizens who shape the future of our country.
  • Correlation studies have been conducted to determine that the Fairs program fits Canadian social studies, geography, and history curricula for grades 4 to 9.
  • This program connects the classroom with the community – to valuable organizations such as historical societies, museums, archives, libraries, and multicultural groups. 

Program Goals

The goals of the Fairs program are especially fitting as Canada moves well into the 21st century. This program creates an engaging learning environment for students, thereby strengthening their appreciation of Canadian heritage. Students develop strong roots in their communities and cultures, which inspire them to participate in the shaping of Canada’s future.

The Fairs program has grown remarkably since it started. It is eventually intended that every eligible student in Canada will be provided with the opportunity to participate in a Fair during his or her years at school. Fair organizers invite community organizations and businesses to work with teachers and educators, to actively participate in the delivery of the event by joining the organizing committee, assisting students with their research, providing materials and in-kind  resources, and hosting workshops or placing displays at the Fairs.

Online Resources

The BC Heritage Fairs Society has a number of online resources available, some of which are linked to below.

7 Steps to a Powerful Heritage Fair Project
Tips for Teachers