Conference Proceedings for the Scientific Contributions of Early Alaska / Yukon Explorers

October 1983

Proceedings’ Table of Contents

Protecting the Monopoly: The Hudson’s Bay Company and Contemporary Knowledge of the Far Northwest, 1830-1869. 
Kenneth S. Coates

George Mercer Dawson and the Geological Survey of Canada Yukon Expedition of 1887-1888.
Brad Lockner

The Kennicott Network: Robert Kennicott and the Far Northwest.
Kenneth S. Coates

Early Explorations of Neskataheen and the Dalton Trail: An Ethno-Archaeological Perspective.
Beth Laura O’Leary

Clothing the Early Expeditions: An Essential Contribution by the Native Seamstress.
Barbara F. Schweger

The Geologist: Early Days in Alaska.
Dale A. Stirling