Update on federal election advocacy

On September 2, the Yukon Historical and Museums Association, along with the Canadian Museums Association and 10 other provincial and territorial museums associations, issued an open letter urging all party leaders to prioritize our sector. The letter included a short questionnaire asking the political parties to share their vision for Canada’s museums by September 13.

Following this united appeal, we received two responses:
• The Bloc Québécois completed the questionnaire and supported our call for an updated national museum policy, recognizing the key role of arts and culture.
• The Liberal Party stated that they were unable to respond in detail and referred us to review their platform for policy commitments.

We have not yet heard back from the Conservative Party, New Democratic Party, or Green Party.

While we are disappointed by the lack of responses, we also understand that this was a short campaign timeframe which was primarily dominated by the COVID-19 pandemic, and the parties’ focus has been getting out the vote.

We have made our priorities clear and this is just the start. Our entire community must continue to come together to make the case for Canadian museums and heritage institutions and demand an updated national museums policy that reflects, supports, and enhances our vital role.

As a next step, the CMA is planning to organize a pan-Canadian series of online roundtable consultations bringing our community together to develop a shared vision for what a national museum policy should look like. YHMA will be joining these discussions, and we hope you will too.