A Yukon Who’s Who

A note from Sally: Hey Yukoners - I need about 20 volunteer proof-readers who love history.

The Yukon is a land of amazing people and incredible stories and when I came to the Yukon in the mid-1970s I knew none of them. So, I started taking notes. Over the years, the notes became a database of over 4,000 entries. It was a somewhat random collection of references from published material and the odd bit from conversations and interviews. The database served a useful purpose as I worked as a writer and researcher. It was also fun to trace the origins of oft-repeated mistakes in the literature.

When my husband and I moved from Dawson to Whitehorse in the late 1990s, I became more involved with YHMA’s annual Heritage Fair. The kids’ exhibits were often about Yukon topics – but not often enough. Not nearly enough considering that every entry in my database was a basic but rich source for fascinating stories. I decided that my notes could serve a wider purpose but before they could be shared, they needed to be rounded out and better researched. That was about three years ago.

Now it is nearing the time to put the work on a web site, even though I still see gaps in the stories, sloppy writing, arbitrary conclusions, and every grammar mistake possible. I can’t just keep adding names and more and more details – can I? Of course I can, but so can everyone else if the work is out there. So, I need more than 20 proof-readers (one for every letter in the alphabet would be grand) because the document is now over 1700 pages long. I also need advice on figuring out a website. Should it be a wiki where people correct the entries and each other? Or should it be administered so good behaviour is assured?

Anyway, lots of fun for those who love Yukoners and enjoy great stories. Come join what I hope to be a crowd. You can contact me, Sally Robinson, at srobinson@northwestel.net.