About Us

The Yukon Historical & Museums Association was established in 1977 by a group of concerned and passionate individuals to create a united voice for understanding and promoting heritage and history in the Yukon. We keep apprised of issues and advocate on behalf of the Yukon’s heritage and heritage sector.

We continue to build a learning environment for history and culture and the development of skills and best practices in the heritage sector. We share knowledge with the Yukon heritage community and support each other in protection and conservation projects. Most of our activities are collaborations and partnerships. Many of our events and programs honour those in the heritage sector that are dedicated to our vision.

The YHMA is a territorially-incorporated Society and a registered charitable organization.

Our membership reflects the scope and diversity of the Yukon heritage community. Our institutional members include museums, First Nation cultural centres, historical societies, art galleries, archives, historic sites, science centres, zoos and nature reserves. Our individual members include museum employees, contractors and consultants, Board members and volunteers, and others actively involved in the heritage sector or who have an interest in heritage.


The YHMA will inspire and share a passion for Yukon heritage by providing opportunities and support for education, networking, advocacy, partnerships, and awareness.


We will be a central place where anyone and everyone can:

- Learn about history, heritage, tools, and practices

- Share their interests and perspectives on heritage

- Come together to identify common interests

- Support the protection and preservation of Yukon heritage.

We will use and share best practices in heritage.

Our Board and members will want to be actively involved in the YHMA.

We will use creative partnerships for the promotion, protection and preservation of Yukon heritage.


 vibrancy, fun, passion, partnerships, encouragement, inspiration, sharing