YHMA Board of Directors & Staff


Lianne Maitland, Executive Director | info@heritageyukon.ca

Emma Cumming, Community Relations Coordinator | programs@heritageyukon.ca


Sally Robinson

Sally Robinson was born in a small Ontario town about 160 kilometres north of Toronto. Her father owned a hardware store and her mother was a primary school teacher. She graduated with a BA from York in Toronto and an MA in History from Western. After a few years of world travel she arrived in the Yukon in the early 70s and eventually settled in Dawson. Designing exhibits for the Dawson Museum necessitated more carpentry skills than she had from the hardware store so she also worked for Broadaxe Construction whose company logo was “we build them as if they had roots”.  Twenty years working for museums in Dawson and around the territory was followed by sixteen years with Yukon Historic Sites as an Interpretive Planner. Recently retired, Sally is a member of two non-profit associations which adequately fill up the time she would otherwise use to bake cookies. 


Katie Newman

Katie Newman is a marketing and events specialist who works with a wide variety of Yukon not-for-profit organizations. Previously roles as Marketing & Development Director at the Yukon Arts Centre and lead Local Coordinator for the 2013 Canadian Museums Association conference held in Whitehorse afforded her the opportunity to work with artists, presenters, museums, and cultural centres from across the territory and beyond. Prior to arriving in the Yukon in 2012, she worked with numerous visual arts organizations in southern Ontario, most recently the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art (MOCCA). Katie holds a BFA in Photography Studies, and a Graduate Certificate in Culture & Heritage Site Management.


Kaitlin Normandin


Cathy Hines

Cathy first came to the Yukon in the 1970s.  As a former Air Force brat she was used to living in remote locations but there was something about the Yukon that captured her soul and she has remained here ever since.  She just recently retired as a primary teacher.  In a previous incarnation she worked at the Dawson City Museum, 3 years as director.  She was director when the Old Territorial Building was being restored and when new exhibits and displays were being designed!  Both as a museum worker and as a teacher, Cathy has tried to offer children opportunities to discover the wonders and excitement of Yukon history through genealogy, storytelling, and museum visits.  She helped develop educational kits for many of the Whitehorse Museums, the Dawson City Museum and the Beringia Centre.  She is currently active on the Heritage Fair Committee and the Fundraising Committee.

Past President

Marc Johnston

Marc Johnston has an extensive career in broadcast journalism. His 25 years of broadcast experience have made him well connected with Yukon political personalities and he is well positioned to use these connections for the benefit of heritage issues both in the Yukon and on a national scale. Marc settled in the Yukon in 1996 and today sits on the Board of the Heritage Canada Foundation and the Klondike Visitors’ Association. 


Jake Paleczny

Jake Paleczny is passionate about interpretation and education. He is currently the Director of Programming and Education for the Yukon Wildlife Preserve. He gained his interpretative expertise from a decade of work in Ontario’s provincial parks, a Masters in Museum Studies from the University of Toronto, and practical experience in galleries and museums. His interests also extend into the artistic realm, with a Bachelor of Music from the University of Western Ontario.  Jake is interested in how we are inspired by, and engage with our natural and cultural heritage. He believes nature and culture are intimately linked – despite the tendency to approach them in isolation. He is striving to enable public education and interpretative experiences where participants can holistically explore their own relationship with both their natural world and cultural heritage.

Mike Mancini

Kim Rogers